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Thrive in the Hive with CD - Surviving the Girl's World of Good and Bad Relationship Bee-haviors by Stephanie Jensen, M.S.


While girls and boys deal with many of the same issues; some growing-up struggles are unique to the experience of being a girl in our society. This resource can help provide a foundation for girls to navigate through many of these issues. Using this curriculum, girls gain a stronger sense of self-worth and belonging in their families, with their peers, and in their communities.

Thrive in the Hive provides a curriculum of lessons, activities and reproducible pages to be used with individuals, or for an eight-week small group session with girls.

The girls will explore different roles that girls assume within the structure of social cliques. It also includes interactive lessons to guide girls on a journey to explore the keys to building healthy friendships. The sessions include an introduction and activity for personal reflection. In these sessions girls will learn how to:

  • Explore their role in the relationship hierarchy
  • Identify strengths and potential difficulties for each role
  • Avoid peer pressure to behave a certain way
  • Develop strong, healthy relationships with others
  • Explore their self-identity in social groups
  • Be aware of the power behind words in conversations
  • Practice positive self-thought with positive words.