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The Bully by Rita Toews


This book addresses the issue of bullies in the school and gives helpful suggestions to both adults and children on how to deal with the stressful situation in a positive manner.The Bully starts with a short story that sets the scene of a boy being bullied at school. The illustrations in the story are meant to be used as coloring sheets which the child may wish to color as the subject of bullying is discussed. After the story, there is a child's question and answer section that gives the child insight on how a bully operates, verbalizes how a child feels when he or she is being bullied and gives suggestions on what actions he could take when he is the subject of bullies. There are also discussion questions and other follow-up activities. Lastly, there is a question and answer section for educators and caregivers that provides information on how to identify a bully problem and gives helpful suggestions on how to deal with the situation.