AccuTrain Educational Resources

Teaching Self-Regulation to Children Through Interactive Lessons CD by Will Moody & Brad Chapin


These highly interactive lessons are designed to teach students the skills, strategies, and behaviors they need to regulate their own physical, emotional, and cognitive processes.

  •  Melting Freeze (Regulate BODY)
  •  Animal Movements (Regulate BODY)
  •  Cooling the Flame (Regulate BODY)
  •  Name Your Emotions (Regulate EMOTIONS)
  •  Emotional Rain Gauge (Regulate EMOTIONS)
  •  Emotional Knot (Regulate EMOTIONS)
  •  Don’t Take the Bait (Regulate THOUGHTS)
  •  Defiance Trap (Regulate THOUGHTS)
  •  Domino Effect (Regulate THOUGHTS)
  •  Magnetic Thoughts (Regulate THOUGHTS)