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She Said What About Me? by Karen Dean


A close friendship is a wonderful and special relationship to have. But when the main character in this story discovers that her friend has told lies about her she feels devastated. How could this 'friend' be so mean? Now she worries that other kids at school and the mall are talking and laughing behind her back. She becomes so upset that she doesn't even want to go back to school. 

This colorfully illustrated story will teach children in grades K-5 how to appropriately stand up for themselves when someone is gossiping or spreading rumors. Readers will see how hurtful it can be to tell a lie about someone else. Further, it illustrates how apologizing and forgiving can be two useful tools for repairing a wounded friendship. Provided is a list of 12 discussion questions and suggestions for students to work together to hold a unique powerful anti-bullying day at their school.