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Rules of Re-engagement: Redeeming & Re-engaging Difficult Students - UNLIMITED ACCESS DVD


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Grades 6 -12

As administrators/educators, in the current world, we face very challenging days with:

  • Increased office referrals
  • Illegal drug use on campus
  • Defiant students
  • Physical attacks
  • Gang related crime/violence
  • Relational aggression
  • Other disruptions to the learning environment

Our schools appear to be a battlefield without the military level strategy or budget. How do we put the focus back on education and engage the most difficult students in academic learning? We cannot merely rely on alternative placements or special programs in response to students who habitually exhibit disturbing behavior. Unfortunately, we as educators often unwittingly escalate disruptive behavior by making critical mistakes in our approaches to these difficult students. 

In this tactic-paced 90-minute webinar, Dr. Ed Orszulak will highlight powerful strategies -- developed from his research and experience as a principal and consultant -- that enable educators to transform their school climates and re-engage students who can drain the spirit of even the most passionate educator. These powerful strategies have been developed on certain fundamental principles of effective instructional relationships. Understanding these strategies will build immediate competence – and confidence – in educators to be able to handle even the most difficult student challenge.

In this webinar, Dr. Orszulak will draw upon his book, The Redemption Approach: 5 Timeless Principles for Re-Engaging Tough Kids in School.  This resource helps educators:

  • Avoid critical mistakes which can actually escalate a negative student situation.
  • Deliver a clear understanding of strategic applications for control during various phases of disturbing behavior.
  • Provide specific, ready-to-use strategies, modifications and accommodations to avoid or de-escalate crisis, disruption and defiance in the classroom.
  • Develop responsive instructional zones to build (or rebuild) effective learning relationships with students
  • Maintain a sense of composure and confidence when confronted with tough students in both general and special education settings
  • Link the important elements embedded in Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports, Data-Driven Decision-Making and Relationship-Driven Classroom Management


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the of challenging behavior in students to achieve educational success.
  • Gain transformational/ actionable strategies that will improve your effectiveness in re-engaging difficult students.
  • Learn the acceptable and unacceptable tactics in achieving academic excellence and transforming your schools climate
  • Improve effectiveness in re-engaging challenging behavior in students.
  • Devise a behavior plan for dealing with the most challenging disciplinary cases using forgiveness, restitution, recovery, humor and inspiration principles.

      Who Should Attend:

      • Principals & Assistant Principals
      • Other School Administrators
      • School Counselors
      • Counselors in Agencies and Private Practice
      • Teachers
      • Special Education Personnel
      • Social Workers (All levels)
      • After-School Program Coordinators
      • At-Risk Coordinators
      • School Resource Officers

      You Will Also Receive:

      To augment the PowerPoint™ presentation and activities, each participant will receive a (PDF) resource packet of the presentation with ideas, reproducible forms, activities and other suggested resources.

      About the Presenter:

      Ed Orszulak, Ph. D. is a school principal and educational consultant with over 30 years experience working with students who exhibit disturbing behavior. He is the author of The Redemption Approach...5 Timeless Principles to Re-Engage Tough Kids in School offering a fresh approach to managing and helping students who are resistant or non-responsive to more traditional forms of discipline and direction in schools. In addition, Ed also works as an adjunct professor helping professionals understand and deliver effective instructional techniques of impact and influence with tough kids. Educators, parents, professionals, and especially children continue to benefit from his insight, experience and common sense approach to transformational instruction.

      The essence of Ed\'s research and practice have taken him around the country focusing on the reduction of school violence, engagement and re-engagement of disenfranchised youth, and effective instructional practice to meet the needs of even your toughest students. 

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