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As many as 1 in 4 young people engage in some form of non-suicidal self-injury - with recent studies indicating that self-mutilation behavior (SMB) is increasing. This information-packed webinar Remix focuses primarily on evidence-based intervention strategies, tips and accommodations you can use to help students prone to self-injury – especially those dealing with anxiety and depression. Presenter Kaye Randall also helps educators understand the SMB Cycle, the SMB Addiction Model and how Intervention Mapping can help.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Cultural considerations that contribute to SMB
  • Experiences and personality traits shared by youth prone to self-injuring
  • Responsibility = Freedom
    • Coaching students to become the authors of their lives
    • It’s about choice
  • Comfort kit
  • Trigger log 
  • Looks Like/ Feels Like: Respecting the experience
You Will Learn to:
  • Demonstrate the essential steps in intervention and prevention
  • Utilize critical “do’s and don’ts” when addressing suspected or observed self-injurious behaviors.
  • Use art-based strategies and activities for helping students who self-injure.
  • Understand the SMB Cycle and use Intervention Mapping.


About the Presenter

Kaye Randall, MSW, LISW-CP is a nationally known author and speaker who has led professional seminars throughout North America on student mental health, bullying, self-injury, depression, anxiety and anger – as well as youth leadership and student empowerment. She is co-author of See My Pain, Creative Strategies & Activities for Helping Young People Who Self-Injure (featured in USA Today).

AccuTrain’s WebRemix™ programs are 60- to 90-minute in-depth training sessions that were originally presented to a live audience via technology. Each course has been edited and enhanced to improve the viewing experience, while retaining the character of the original live presentation.