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Mean Girlz: Targets K8 (Diane Senn) SINGLE USER


Grades K-8

Nationally recognized school counselor and speaker Diane Senn is the author of Bullying in the Girl\'s World, and is known for her passion for helping elementary and middle-school children. She will discuss how girls from a young age thrive on their role and identity in their social world; yet it is this complex, social world of girls that can be the source of much pain. Name-calling, eye-rolling, excluding, teasing, bossing, spreading rumors and threatening creates havoc in the young girl\'s world. This webinar will review prevention and intervention strategies to help release elementary and middle-school targets from the Mean Girlz syndrome. Individual, classroom and schoolwide strategies will be discussed.

What You Will Learn

  • Tips for training staff on strategies for supporting the victim
  • Teaching girls the skills to deal: Awareness and Prevention
  • Books, Books, and more Books: You\'re Not Alone
  • Footprint Perspective
  • What Would You Do If...
  • Think, Say, and Do
  • Empowering through Problem Solving
  • When it goes toxic...Strategies to assist the bully target
    • "Assess to Assist"
    • "Friendship Team"
    • "Negative Thought Shredder"
    • "Rock and Clay"
    • "Get the QF (Quick Fix)"
    • Call to action: the legal line
    • Tips for parents of the bully target

You Will Also Receive:

To augment the PowerPoint™ presentation and activities, each participant will receive a (PDF) resource packet of the presentation with ideas, reproducible forms, activities and other suggested resources.

About the Presenter:


Diane Senn has authored some of the best-selling materials for elementary counselors and other educators including Spectacular Guidance Activities for Kids, Bullying in the Girls World andSmall Group Counseling for Children. Diane has provided keynote presentations and/or seminars for educators and other helping professionals across the U.S. Attendees rave about Diane's presentations, citing them as exceptionally practical and insightful. She continues to gain fresh practical insights from her work as a school counselor at the elementary/middle school level, where her developmental guidance program has been nationally recognized as an exemplary model. Diane's best-selling books include:


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