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Mean Girlz Aggressors 6-12 (Kaye Randall) UNLIMITED ACCESS DVD


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Grades 6-12

Recent studies show that 1 in 5 girls fear being hurt or harassed at school. And girls are twice as likely as boys to be victims of long-term bullying – bullying that often begins as early as age 6, and can last for years. Girls tend to be more covert about their relational aggression, and sometimes approach bullying as “snipers in the night.” They use gossiping, rumoring, notes, texts, websites, social alliances and exclusions to subdue their victims. Girls tend to choose other girls as their targets, and their goal is often to hurt someone through damaging their sense of self-worth and their perception of how their peers value or devalue them. These two powerful webinars will help you understand the key issues underlying these kinds of cruelties from a girl’s perspective. Girls can move quickly between the roles of aggressor, target and victim. These research-based webinars will focus primarily on how to help the aggressor with specific prevention and intervention strategies. Attendees will be provided with helpful activities and handouts which they can use in their bullying programs.

Kaye Randall has spoken on the topic of girl bullying throughout North America. She is also a licensed social worker and co-author of Mean Girls: 101½ Creative Strategies & Activities for Working With Relational Aggression, has spoken on the topic of girl bullying throughout North America. She will look at the “whys” behind bullying behavior and will explore fresh approaches, strategies and activities for creating insight, self-awareness and accountability within adolescent aggressors. Individual, classroom and schoolwide strategies will be discussed.

  • 5 Types of Girl Bullying: What It Is and Is Not
  • Cruelty in Adolescents: Effects of Media and Socialization
  • 7 keys to Understanding the “Whys” of Mean Girlz Behavior
  • Teaching the Short-Term & Long-Term Impact of Bullying to Adolescents
  • Helping Pre-Teens and Teens Understand the Power of Perception
  • Fresh Strategies for Reaching the Inner Hero of the Mean Girl
    • Are You a Bully??
    • The Olive Branch
    • WWWW.
    • The Power of Interpretation: What do YOU see?
    • Friendship Bank Account o Mean Girlz…Listen Up!!
    • It’s Her Story
    • Reality Check!!
    • Release your inner HERO!!
  • Using technology (videos, Facebook, Twitter etc.) to reach and teach!

You Will Also Receive:

To augment the PowerPoint™ presentation and activities, each participant will receive a (PDF) resource packet of the presentation with ideas, reproducible forms, activities and other suggested resources.

About the Presenter:

Kaye Randall, LISW-CP is co-owner and director of Turning Point Counseling, where she provides clinical services to children and adolescents in inpatient and outpatient settings. She specializes in working with adolescents who self-injure. Kaye has extensive experience in crisis intervention, assessments and counseling services for victims of child abuse and neglect. She works with many children and adolescents who exhibit challenging behaviors such as relational aggression and bullying as well as those who are the victims of this behavior. Kaye has inspired seminar participants through her practical insights and proactive caring strategies in helping children and adolescents. She has led professional seminars throughout the United States and Canada on topics such as relational aggression, depression, addiction in youth, and self-injury. In March of 2001, she was selected social worker of the year by COAC-Council on Adoptable Children a national organization. Kaye is co-author of several books.


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