AccuTrain Educational Resources

Create-It Counseling

AccuTrain Educational Resources

by Paula Cox

Have you ever wondered how to make counseling more unforgettable for your students? Would you like more experiential-oriented activities that don’t require much preparation time or cost? Create-It Counseling will equip you with 44 inspiring, easy-to-setup, hands-on activities and experience-oriented session ideas designed to teach or reinforce critical therapeutic concepts.

The hands-on activities in this book can help students explore and personalize solutions for issues such as bullying, resiliency, self-regulation, and identity formation. While discussing these issues, students process and express their thoughts and feelings using slime, paint, dough, rocks, sticks, and many more objects.

Get ready for students to be engaged and have fun while processing issues in school and life! Look around and grab some nearby materials. Then, have fun conducting these unique Create-It Counseling sessions with your students.

132 pages